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Case Explorer.net is a premiere law enforcement application developed for the Washington/Baltimore HIDTA.  The software connects various law enforcement agencies together for the purposes of Target Deconfliction, Event Deconfliction and Case management.  Case Explorer boasts over 1,000 regular users and has reached national status.  Case Explorer was developed solely by MDH Technology Inc.


Timeshare Brokers MLS is paving the way for the future of timeshare resales with the help of MDH Technology. Timeshare Brokers MLS provides complete listing, search and sales support for timeshare resales.  Timeshare Brokers MLS is quickly becoming a central force in the timeshare resale industry and MDH Technology Inc. is happy to be a part of it!


UCSD Department of Medicine- MDH Technology developed an application which allows for the entry and sharing of information accross large departments and organizations.  This application facilitates their move towards best practices in order to provide the most outstanding service and care.    

Campus Copy QR Code Landing pages - MDH Technology developed landing pages for various customers of Campus Copy.  Printed material was distributed along with a QR code.  Information was collected from the public in order to help generate sales and assist in promotions. 

LTRBA Group - MDH Technology maintains their group website along with their mailing list.  We are happy to be a part of the LTRBA group who strives to constantly better the timeshare resale industry. 
TSB Silverlight - MDH Technology has developed an application which allows agents and brokers participating in the MLS to instantly add search capability to their own websites.  We are delighted to use the latest technology available for our customers.  The TSB Silverlight project is already installed on many timeshare resale websites on the internet.


HIDTA Gangs - MDH Technology is currently in development of the HIDTA Gangs website.  This is an informational website to provide support and public outreach about dangerous gang activity.


A realty corporation


Third Power Health is a new provider in the health care industry.  Experience counts!  This website is developed by a group of doctors themselves. 

MyTimeshareConnection - developed to facilitate the private sales and purchases of timeshares on the market. 

MelDrake.com- Development of a basic business card website for a musical instruction business.  

Other customers

Express Shipping Room Supply. MDH Technology provides software development, technical support and network support.

Outside the box thinking. MDH Technology provided project management and hiring for one of their projects.

Macreport Media. MDH Technology provided development, hiring and project management.

Washington/Baltimore HIDTA. MDH technology provides development and product support for "Case Explorer".

Judi Kozlowski P.A. MDH Technology provides development and support for various software projects.

Third Power Health. MDH Technology provides web development.

Maryland Gang Prevention.  MDH Technology provides web development.

Navisite Inc.  MDH Technology provided consulting support and hiring.

Campus Copy. MDH Technology provides onsite technical and network support.

University of California San Diego Department of Medicine. MDH Technology provides software and web development.   

LTRBA Group.  MDH Technology provides web development.



MDH Technology Inc. Servicing software development, web development and computer support to Syracuse, Cortland, Upstate NY and beyond.