Add a blog to your website using google blogger.

MDH Blogger - Google Blogger integration


For a fully licenced copy, only $19.99

MDH Blogger allows you to seemlessly integrate google blogger into an ASP.Net website.  Blogging allows for dynamic content delivery and user interaction via a comments section.  This allows you to deliver updated content to your users and provides support for SEO.  Some of the features of MDH Blogger for ASP.Net include:  
Integration of website with google blogger+ASP.Net google blogger integration= SUCESS MDH Blogger integrates directly into your project.  MDH Blogger connects to google blogger in order to integrate google blogger into your website. 
Edit your blog on your website, google blogger
Use google blogger to manage your blog posts.  Leverage the power of one of the industries leading blog platforms,  add google blogger directly to your ASP.Net website.
Get blogger content on your website.  Asp.Net
OWN your content, NO IFRAMES.  
 Indcluding content via an iframe is a very poor decision for SEO.  Using an iframe references another website and that website gets credit for the content, not you.  MDH Blogger allows you to OWN your content, your blog content will be considered part of your website, just like any other page on your website.  You will simply use google blogger to "manage" your content.  There is no use of IFrames or references to the blog site.  Your blogger content exists, on YOUR site, seemlessly, to provide huge SEO benefits to your site.  It is recommended you mark your blog as private.  
Custom blog content Customize your blog content the way YOU want.  MDH Blogger ASP.Net blogger integration allows you to customize your content and display it where and HOW you want.  You have complete control over content placement on your website.  An example of this is in our very own "Articles" section on our website. 
Blogger Page Titles SEO Formatted blog page titles.  Your page titles will automaticlaly be formatted according to the title of your blog posting.  They will appear to search engines as simple HTML files.  Special characters and spaces are automatically removed.

URL Routing MDH Blogger google blogger integration uses ASP.Net URL routing to make your content pages seem as if they were simple HTML pages.

Easy Installation  Download the sample , add your username and password to the web.config file and run.  In order to integrate MDH Blogger, ASP.Net google blogger integration into your website, simply copy MDH_Blogger.dll & Google.GDatga.Client.DLL to your websites bin directory.  Use and modify code from the sample project to begin integrating google blogger into your existing website.  Email support is provided.  
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