Introducing ASP.Net Blog Software

News 5/10/2012

MDH Technology Inc. releases MDH Blogger, an ASP.Net blog software project for ASP.Net websites. MDH Blogger acts as a blog plugin to your web aplication. It makes use of google blogger as an blog CMS. This ASP.Net blog software allows you to take advantage of an already well developed google blogger in your ASP.Net blog application. MDH Blogger will deliver seamlessly, conent from your google blogger to your ASP.Net website. blog software will greatly enhance content delivery to your ASP.Net website and help you provide usefull, dynamic content to your ASP.Net application.

MDH Blogger was started as there needed to be a blog platform for ASP.Net that was easily set up and could make use of existing blog applications. Other solutions involve installing blog software as a subdomain of your website. When your blog software is included as a subdomain, the subdomain will gain Search Engine Opimization (SEO) benefits, not your main site. These other solutions also involve making the blog software "look" like your website as much as possible, but never really 100%. MDH Blogger offers 100% integration of google blogger into your ASP.Net web application. All content appears on your site as your content, as if it was hosted by you. MDH Blogger takes advantage of URL routing to make all pages appear as standard HTML pages. The blog software is simply managed by google blogger as if it were a blog content management system (CMS). Try MDH Bloger today! Try MDH Blogger today.   Visit our Articles page  to see MDH Blogger in action. 

MDH Blogger ( blog software) is :

1. ASP.Net blog software is highly customizable, will fit right into any existing ASP.Net page
2. ASP.Net blog software uses URL routing to make all pages appear as standard HTML pages
3. ASP.Net blog software automatically generates page "meta" descriptions
4. ASP.Net blog software is easily indexable by major search engines
5. ASP.Net blog software is easy to integrate, contains a sample project
6. ASP.Net blog software is affordable at only $19.99/license
7. ASP.Net blog software allows using google blogger to "manage" your blog content.
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